TBRC 2019 Session 3 Part 1: How To Be Raised Up In Your Workplace

Pastor Vincent - 13 July 2019

TBRC 2019 Session 3 Part 1: How To Be Raised Up In Your Workplace

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How To Be Raised Up In Your Workplace (Part 1)

In a modern world, career progression and development has been used to captivate the hearts of every young working adult. The world, in its tireless effort to build up itself to be advance, intelligent and attractive, is beginning to see “work” as part of human actualization. Yet, how can Christians so distinguished themselves that they would be highly favored in workplaces?

God is at work to love and magnify His glory

  • He does so by showing His character and creativity.
  • We, as image bearers, are to imitate this in our lives.
    – In imitating His creativity, we seek breakthroughs in work to benefit the people around us and our workplace.

On Career Progression

Can Christians pursue career progression?
It is a way the modern world use to captivate the hearts and minds of people, especially young working adults.
Over time, we draw value and feel good from being a driven and responsible worker.
We also succumb into pressure when our peers are doing well in their work fields, feeling fear in comparison to them.

Why is Career being such a big thing in the Modern World?

*Human Actualisation (Work>> Career)
– Men is seeing work as a part where they can actualise what they want
– Story of the Tower Of Babel

1) What is the world after at the Peak of its Modernisation?

  • Self Actualisation
    – Turning desires into reality
    – Mindest: “Whatever I desire to do, I could do it as long as I believe”
  • “Come, let us…”
    – This world values teamwork and leadership
  • City and Tower:
    – City represents an organized hierarchy and overall culture of belonging – gets people to think and work towards a goal. People are programmed to self-actualize through work.
    – Tower represents the pride of men, the need to be remembered, to be exulted. However, within Christianity, it is the gospel that should be remembered, not the church or its people.
  • God Will Frustrate Their Plans:
    The entire world, no matter how united or clever, will not be able to stand against God. Abraham (father of faith in the culture of Babel) – he survived and became the prince of Canaan. He passed down the covenant, thus, God will raise you up in this modern world so do not be shaken.

True Christians do their work with the pure intention to magnify God’s character and creativity. They let progression come to them instead of actively seeking for it.

Pastor Vincent
Pastor Vincent Chi San Choo
[email protected]

Vincent serves as the President of The Blessed RUN Ministries. He is also the Senior Pastor of The Life Church and Missions (Singapore) and is an ardent missionary to the Chinese World. He currently lives in Singapore with his wife, Qiufen, and has three kids, Mary, David, and Caleb.

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