The 36 lessons is a comprehensive discipleship material developed to give believers a correct belief and living system in Christ. It first of all conveys the core message of the Bible, helping believers to know the Word fundamentally through the Incarnation and finished work of Christ. From there, it exposes the harms of a truncated gospel, helps believers demolish a self-inclined belief and rebuild their lives with the full gospel. It concludes with holistic healing through the gospel, something that all true believers need to see happening practically in their lives.


The 36 lessons were developed by Reverend Lee Chull (a Korean missionary in South East Asia and mainland China for the past 20 over years, and currently ministering to the Chinese in the United States). It is then preached popularly by Pastor Vincent among the Chinese in Mainland China. With Christ Life Church of Penang being raised up and many other potential English ministries in Malaysia and South East Asia rising up, Pastor Vincent started to teach the 36 lessons in English, hoping to give the English Christian world a grounded perspective to true Disciples-making.


A collection of Pastor Vincent’s preaching for the 36 lessons can be found below.


Pastor Vincent - 13 July 2010

Basic Message 15:To Live a Victorious Life

36 Lessons

The existence of the spiritual realms’ is a reality, which is in continuous operation and has power to influence the entire physical world. At the instant a saint accepts and believes in Christ, he will restore the authority and power that a child of God has in the spiritual realms and will face all kinds of evil schemes and attacks from the enemy. Therefore, if a saint constantly opens his spiritual eyesight while living in the physical world, he will easily handle everything with power and strength. But if he loses the spiritual eyesight, he will immediately lose spiritual power and will face many difficulties.

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