Our English Service aims to bring about a grounded belief in Christ through deep understanding of His Word. It sets the tone for Discipleship and World Evangelization for believers, equipping them thoroughly for good works in the last days. Our sermon carries a spirit that does not make the gospel easy, but helps believers comprehend true humility in the grace of Christ. As it is, the gospel is easy to the humble, and powerful to those who learn true grace.

We initially started the ministry with a small congregation for Emmanuel Youth Fellowship (EYF) where young English-speaking Christians or seekers below the age of 35 gathered for the word. But as of 2018, we have shifted to an English Service to deepen the congregation’s commitment and heart for worship. The English Service is open to English-speaking people of all ages.The weekly English Service messages are shared by Pastor Vincent and Preacher Hui Jun, with Deacon Hooi Ching or Deacon John taking over in their absence.

God’s Unconventional Blessings

We often have a fixated idea of what constitutes a good life and what blessings mean. We may also have a rigid mindset of how blessings should come, preferably in an easy, comfortable, painless and quick way. Yet sometimes, God breaks our typical expectations, only to surprise us with His unconventional blessings. Indeed, what God has prepared for those who love Him are “what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” <1 Co 2:9>.

Understanding And Resolving Anger

Some of us have been angry, frustrated and bitter all our lives, and we saw how that volatile emotion have hurt ourselves and our loved ones. Some may be moderate and do not seem to be struggling with violent temperament, but anger could be one of the most common and even powerful attributes we human being possess. We could have in many ways fall into anger knowingly or unknowingly in just a day of our lives. Find out the common causes of anger and how to deal with it.

Mercy In The Mess

Brokenness abounds in a sinful world. Every corner we turn, we can observe broken relationships, shattered hopes, crushed self-esteem, messy lives, etc. Having a broken relationship with God, fallen humans lack the capacity to love perfectly and live in holiness, thus multiplying the brokenness in the world. Yet, the living God still works within the mess, to demonstrate His mercy. God’s people may not be perfect but they are redeemable. If we look to Him in our brokenness, He can ultimately turn our pains into praise.

Discipline for the Loved, Grace for the Unloved

God’s love is holistic and comes to us just the way we need it. When we are on the wrong path, God’s love is shown through His discipline, so that we can follow Him in the right way again. Yet, when we are disappointed in life and feel as if we are forgotten, unloved, inferior, God comes to us with His awesome grace to comfort us and lift us up. We may feel our lives are not at the ideal state yet, but God is progressively fulfilling His good work and promises to us. Let us find strength in His unfailing love!

Finding Meaning In Our Lives

The quest for meaning (significance) is built into our humanness. Everyone of us deep down in our hearts, yearn to be valuable, useful, and that our existence means something to someone. Yet, what is the true meaning of our lives?

“Surely The Lord Is In This Place, And I Did Not Know It”

One great promise of God to His people is “I am with you”. This promise can strengthen our heart and give it rest, whenever we believe. Yet, the truth that “God is with us” is also one that is hard for us to be conscious of moment by moment. For we are more often preoccupied with things in front of us – the immediate pleasures, deadlines, things to do, persons we are facing, etc, than to be mindful of God’s presence. Have you ever encountered God personally? He is with you right where you are, even in your ordinary and mundane circumstances. Open your spiritual eyes to see Him now and find rest in following Him!

Dealing With Diversity, Economy and Fear

A National Day message preached by Pastor Vincent on how to use the biblical lens to see some of the critical issues faced by Singapore and Christian political leaders. May this message help us to pray for our nation practically, and to have good grasp of national and world issues at hand.

Human Weakness Cannot Thwart God’s Plan

Are Christians all of worthy and holy character? People expect them to be. Yet, when we look at the Bible, we may be surprised that many of God’s chosen and blessed people also fall short of a godly character. Today, as with ancient people of faith, we also have many lingering weaknesses even after believing in God. Thankfully, God remains faithful to fulfil His promises in spite of human failings. By His grace, His chosen people will both be blessed as promised but also be disciplined for not fully trusting and obeying Him.

The Pulse Of The Church

What should be the pulse of the Church? What strengthens the Church and keeps it going indefinitely despite trials, temptations and deceptions? Find out why you should be praying earnestly for your church in these times.

Grace-Enabled Diligence

As life gets easier now with technology and Internet, are we also becoming more used to comfort and less inclined toward hard work? Some people may think that receiving God’s redemptive grace means they can take life easy without exerting any effort. No doubt, salvation is by God’s grace alone without any human factor. Yet, God’s grace has an effect, which is to enable us to work hard on what He wills. On the contrary, if we are lazy and idle, we will tempt the devil to lead us astray. So is the grace of God taking effect on us? Are we working hard for the Lord and with His help? What are some hindrances to our diligence? Do we see the joy and blessings of grace-enabled diligence?

Will You Finish Well?

If you consider your past 6 months in Year 2020, would you say you are doing well and will be finishing well for the year? We all desire to finish well, yet what are some obstacles to that? How then can we finish well, pleasing God and having no regrets? Find out from this week’s message.

Comfort And The Cross

Sometimes, living in a comfortable environment may make one resistant to even little inconveniences, but just wish to remain in the comfort zone. In fact, comfort can easily make us spiritually drowsy; it can put to death our God-loving heart and stir up the desires of our flesh. Jesus clearly told His disciples to take up their cross daily. Yet, what cross is there to carry in comfort? Thus, we need to be intentional about carrying the cross even in comfort. Otherwise, our flesh, the world and the devil will devour us. Conversely, if we carry our cross in the comfortable society we are in, God will use us and work through our prayers and lives to influence and bless the people around us.

Family And Society

We often think of the family as one unit and the society as another. The family is managed with love and affection, while the society operates using law and human morals. The family is a place with love, while the society is a place to work and earn money. However, in today’s flourishing online world, if we do not intentionally use the Word of God to protect our family’s ideology, and use the teachings of the Lord to raise our children, we will soon see our own family being assimilated with the social environment.

Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain

On our journey toward sanctification, one of the most difficult things to achieve is “contentment”. Some people feel that having more materially is good, but they do not realise that their “discontentment” causes them to face great obstacles in pursuing godliness and loving the Lord. Because of their discontentment, they often fall into needless sorrows. The joy that Christians should have is often taken away from their hearts. Therefore, we must truly understand why the apostle said, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

The Gospel Is Not A Social Gospel

In the whole of history, the church has two missions. One is to protect the purity of the gospel; the second is to preach the gospel of saving souls. Martin Luther said, “If we preach the gospel clearly and courageously, we will certainly be persecuted.”

Facing Sickness and Death

The Bible not only gives us the assurance of eternal life in Christ, but also the assurance of how we should walk to the end of our lives. In particular, when we are facing the reality of some sickness, or perhaps the disease is not that serious to cause us to lose our lives, but it brings a lot of inconvenience to us and those around us. At that time, how should we face such suffering with the understanding of the Lord’s word? Let us get the answer in this aspect from Paul’s experience today.

The Time Set By God

If we are people who have eternal life, our every moment now is very precious. Even if we go through the vicissitudes of time on earth, we will see the significance of time, and will constantly use every moment to exchange for eternal blessings.

The Worth Of Kinship

Kinship itself is inseparable, and cannot be bought with material possessions, nor can it be explained by reason. Therefore, whether you are a blissful person is not about how accomplished you are or how many friends you have, but it is about whether you and your closest family members love one another.

Living On Earth Yet Seeking The Things That Are Above

The result of seeking the things that are above is to manifest the will of the heavenly God in everything that is done on earth. Thus, if we want to be truly spiritual, we must first understand how to live out the heavenly mystery on earth, so that people around us can see Christ through our actions and give glory to our heavenly Father.

The Spirit Helps Us In Our Weakness

Weakness and inability is inherent in our nature, but the help of the Holy Spirit is the promise and method God has given us. Blessed are those who master this secret! Because they will then be able to declare like the apostle, “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” <2 Co 12:10>

Why Did Calamity Come? When Will It End?

The two most common questions asked by people when sufferings and problems come. What is God trying to do through this whole calamity? Let us find out through this message and realign our understanding with God’s heart.

Let Us Live Up To What We Have Already Attained

In the lesson of faith, if there are no trials of many kinds, faith certainly cannot possibly move to the stage of being mature and complete. However, whenever practical trials come, we will face the spiritual battle that no one desires. Especially, with this pandemic, our faith is constantly being refined and tested. Perhaps the majority view and sentiment hopes that believers do not even meet in groups of ten and below. Certainly, not everyone can withstand such pressure, but the Lord’s word tells us, “Let us live up to what we have already attained.”

You Are Blessed By The Lord

“Blessed by God”, yet our circumstances do not seem to match this? What is the definition of “blessing”? How would a child of God be blessed?

Jacob and Esau: A Look into God’s Election and Human Folly

Which comes first in salvation? Did we first believe in Jesus thus we are saved? Or were we first elected by God thus we could be saved in the end? From the example of Jacob and Esau, it is clear that salvation first came from God rather than any human factor. But while God offers grace, let us not be foolish to miss out on His grace. Often, when we exaggerate our needs and feelings and pursue instant gratification, we fall into folly. But the word of God can make us wise for salvation. Thus, may we treasure the word of God and take it seriously, so that we can stay on the course of wisdom.

New Command To Love

Love is not a new topic for believers. Yet as we lead our lives, our definition of love, as God would have it, can be easily distorted, misunderstood, and instead of being a glorious tool for us to glorify God and love men, becomes experiences that is against our spirit. Let us reexamine what God means by His command to love.

Facing Guilt In Inevitable Circumstances

The problem of guilt exists in the human hearts since the fall of men. It is guilt that brings fear actually. Yet when unforeseen undesirable situation arises, causing some unintended consequences, how do we set ourselves free from guilt then? With the Coronavirus striking the churches and society today, we see people reacted with both guilt and fear. How do Christians overcome our inner struggles?

Let No One Be Stumbled Because Of The Epidemic

As we go through this epidemic, some of our strengths may be revealed, while some of our weaknesses may show. This allows us to understand each other more, and act on the love from God. May none of us be stumbled by this epidemic.

The Epidemic Differentiates And Strengthens People

This epidemic truly differentiates people. When you are in crisis and you have to make a decision, we have to wrestle it through our hearts. This comes with a price but God will surely lead and bear responsibilities. God hears our prayers.

God’s Great Mercy Will Be Shown In The Epidemic

It is where the problem starts, that at the very same place, God’s people will be awaken and God’s mercy is revealed. As the plague continues, let us call out to God and He will show His mercy.

Having Nothing, Yet Possessing Everything

Living in Singapore, we are used to living in comfort, and many believers seek for prosperity and peace. Therefore, when we hear about an epidemic, fear and panic easily enters our hearts, losing assurance and perspective. Many fail to see that God is still blessing, using and renewing His churches. Why is that so? Because our Christian faith has become one-dimensional. When things are good, we rejoice. When things are bad, we are without direction and answers. Therefore, let us look to the scriptures that the Apostle Paul  has revealed on how God gives glory to His people through the path of a paradoxical Christian faith.

Fake News- More Destructive Than The Epidemic

Many people have different analysis and deductions about matters of this virus. People tend to believe those information that are more inclined to their personal views. Amidst these overload of information, what perspectives should believers have? Do we see the motives of Satan behind these fake news?

Relationship Is More Important Than The Epidemic

God created us with feelings for all the different relationships we have. These human relationships help us respect and love each other, especially so in these times of the epidemic. How does God want us to value these relationships we have?

Why Does The Coronavirus First Come Upon Churches?

So why does this epidemic come to the churches? Why does it come upon the believers? What happens when we cannot understand the works of God?

In Times Of Crisis, Pray For The Leaders

Let us pray for leaders of the church to restore their spiritual authority and for the leaders of the nation to have the wisdom and discernment in decision making. 

Is There No Good Thing In The Worst Situation?

During these times of outbreak, there are 2 things we should ponder on restoring in our hearts: Firstly, we should confirm the truth that whatever God has done is good and beautiful. Secondly, God does not only want us to see the beautiful things, but the beauty of who God is. Let us confirm with some testimonies of God’s work amidst our brethren and discover the same grace that is at work in our own lives.

How to Face External Pressure and Inner Guilt?

As our church has confirmed Coronavirus cases, it will follow with some level of fear among people, blame from others and guilt towards those we may have implicated. However, God’s answer to deflect that is for us to know and confirm God’s love in our individual situation. When God’s love comes upon us, it drives out fear. But how do we pursue this love amidst times like these? Pastor Vincent gives us some pointers to hold onto.

Discerning And Responding To God’s Will

Humans are always curious about God’s will, because no one likes to choose the wrong way and suffer loss as a result. But in fact, discerning God’s will is not difficult if we are clear about God’s word.

God Wants A Living Sacrifice

The whole idea about Christianity is about Christ who came to sacrifice and by His sacrifice, He made us a living sacrifice. Yet, how is this possible for our weak human nature?

Life’s Hardest Test and God’s Provision

Sometimes life gets hard, even as we walk with the Lord. Yet, with greater tests and trials comes greater divine grace.

Theme Message of 2020: The Year Of Lasting Christian Faith

Find out the pressing reason why we must build a Christian faith that last in these days.

The Gift Of Perfect Light

Christmas is in fact about light in darkness. Light is what we need to help us see our way and find the Answer we are searching for.

Can Others See That God Is With You?

How does God want us to live with our neighbours? How can people see that the true and living God is with us?

Isaac VS Ishmael: Child of Promise VS Child of Flesh

Although the process of giving up human pride, sins and desires is distressing, it is still wise to obey God, for obedience will be rewarded, but disobedience comes with an agonizing price.

The Answer That Came Late

If our chief joy lies in the final outcome at the end of the wait, then we will be miserable during the wait; but if our highest delight is in the Lord, our hearts will find strength as we wait.  

Is The Quest For Excellence Biblical?

We are living in a merited world, and the quest for excellence does not escape the eyes of men. But is the quest for excellence biblical after all?

Blessed But Barely Saved

In view of God’s righteous judgement, we need to be repentant and vigilant toward sin, grateful that His grace saves those who believe, and urgently evangelise to those who are still lingering outside the door of salvation.

Praying As A Friend Of God And Men

God also calls us His friends, if we do what He commands. As a friend of God, He will make things known to us, and we should share His heart to also pray for those whom He loves.

Prayers: Don’t Trust The Heart, Yet You Need The Heart

In reality, prayer could be the hardest thing to do in our Christian life because of the nature of our hearts. How do we overcome the problem of the heart then?

Abram to Abraham: The Covenant of Circumcision

In the midst of worldly busyness and distractions, it is not easy to keep remembering and trusting God’s promises. Thus, God often uses His word and our life events to remind us and help us confirm His promises.

Is Youthfulness A Hindrance To Spirituality?

Find out this week about how young godly men and women need to guard their hearts and minds and be rightly equipped for this Era.

The GOD who sees ME

Often, what makes it tough for us is not so much the actual problems we face, but because we cannot see God in the midst of our problems. Blessed is the one who sees the God who sees him today!

Believing In God- Our Reward

Even though the faith of we humans is imperfect, it is not the magnitude of our faith, but the Object of our faith, which actually saves us.

Trusting And Acknowledging God First

When we trust and acknowledge God first, above all else, we will see God’s blessed evidences in our lives.

How To Live As Christians In This World?

Jesus prays for us to remain in this World yet be protected from the Evil one. So how should Christians be in and with the World, and yet live as one not of the World?

The Path Of Success VS Failure

Our own best choices and efforts can lead to futility, but only what God promises and provides will endure. May God enable us to always choose right and choose Him!

You Lack “One Thing”

Despite the many things we are doing to experience God’s goodness and have a close relationship with Him, Jesus said, “one thing is still lacking”. What is that”one thing”?

The Proud, The Humble, The Justified

What is our posture as we approach God today – is it with a humble, repentant heart or one laced with self-righteousness?

Finding True Resilience To Live In Adversity

Let us find true resilience so that we can be strong in His grace and edify the weak around us.

Pray And Do Not Lose Heart

Let us be encouraged by the unchanging goodness of God despite perplexities and keep the faith strong by pressing on in prayers.

Taken Or Left Behind?

On the day of Christ’s return, will we be taken up in glory or left behind? Christ will come back anytime, so be ready all the time!

Finding Your Self Esteem In Christ-Likeness

Out of God’s grace, Christ came to redeem the esteem of man. And those who are created in the image of God can only find themselves back by imaging God through Christ-likeness.

Do Not Stop At Partial Faith

What are we looking for when we approach God? Do we have ‘selfish faith’ or ‘saving faith’?

Called By God’s Grace

People of God were called by His grace, not by their own merits. God called those whom He loves to leave the old fallen state and enter into His new grace and blessings.

How To Battle The Flesh?

The flesh is not totally annihilated after regeneration. It merely took a backseat in our life. A true believer has a real war going on within, yet that is the glorious process of sanctification.

God Confused The Proud

Have you ever been played out by your pride before? Pride made humans feel that God is unnecessary and optional. Let us always remember the wise and true words of God through this message.

How To Pray For Singapore?

Find out how we should live as a Christian under a secular government and how we may intercede for our nation.

God Remembers His Covenant

It is most important to restore an “altar-centered”(God-centered) living, always remembering God’s covenant, for God always remembers and honors His promises.

Not Conforming To The World, But Saving It

A lie is telling us it’s perfectly alright to be me-centric and to be without God.
We have to guard against the trap of assimilation and hold tightly to God’s truth.

Are You In Or Out?

All humans face problems in life, and more importantly, the need to resolve the problem of our sins, and the only way of salvation God provided for us is through Christ Jesus. Would you come into the saving grace of Jesus Christ? 

Having Real and Meaningful Friendships in Christ

We’re all born into kinship, but friendships are made. The world is big and our needs are so diverse that our kin cannot be the only ones there for us in our times of need. Yet, can we find true friends who care for us? Find out how true friendship can be forged in Christ.

To Delight Or To Demand?

Do we sometimes feel that God is not appreciative of our obedience and sacrifices? It is easy for us to feel unappreciated or entitled to rewards. However, we need to re-examine the assumptions we are holding onto.

The Heartbeat Of God In Our Community Of Faith

The Heartbeat Of God In Our Community Of Faith

Biblical Stand on Pregnancy, IVF and Adoption

When medical science pushes its limits in reproductive technologies, have we asked what does God says about fertility issues? God does understand the pain of a closed womb and offers hope and alternatives for couples going through those trials.

What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?

Find out what goes on during abortion, and how abortion has been artfully redefined in his Era. God spares no effort to emphasize the sacredness of life and how pro-choice can be more wrong than ever.

Finding God’s Favor In A Corrupted World

Despite sin threatening to separate humans from God and His blessings, God always provides a way of grace out. In every era, God sets aside someone who fears Him, walks with Him faithfully and obeys Him to fulfill the mission He entrusts. Will you be that blessed one?

What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality?

Homosexuality is not only a big topic in the society, but also one in the church nowadays. Much debates have arisen about the LGBT cause. Are the LGBTs redeemable? Can a person with homosexual inclination be saved? How does LGBT lifestyle actually come about? Let’s find out from the bible and the historical realities.

The Right Heart Of Worship

Sin is always crouching at our door, desiring to have us, but God urges us to rule over sin, by turning to Him in faith. The kind of worship that will please God and give us strength is one in which we offer God our sincere heart, best gift and true faith.

Pray ‘Shamelessly’

God gives His children the privilege of getting His help through prayers. Yet, our problem is giving up too easily on prayers when we do not see immediate answers.

The One Necessary Thing

Jesus tells us that there are actually only a few important things, in fact, only one necessary thing.

Being A Blessing To Our Neighbours

Jesus Himself is the best model of a “Good Samaritan”, who lived out God’s love, by being a friend to sinners and saving sinners through His death and resurrection.

I Have Given You Authority

We, as God’s children, are sent out like lambs among the wolves, into the sinful world. Thus we need authority, so that we will not be at the mercy of the world.

Let Little Children Come To Jesus

Jesus loves little children and those with child-like faith. Let us not be shy to come before Jesus. Let us not create any boundaries to make Jesus inaccessible to anyone.

Marriage: God’s Command, Concession and Calling

Everyone has different marital status and corresponding struggles. Thus, we need to understand God’s command, concession and calling with regards to marriage.

Forgiven To Forgive

By our old self, we cannot easily forgive others, but by our new self in Christ, we can. God forgives us so that we can forgive others. Only the greatest love of God can pacify our deepest wounds.

Living As Children Of God In A Post-Truth Culture

We need to confront reality, yet not merely with a sense of realism, but more importantly, with faith. In a world that cares less for truth, we all the more need to restore and live out truth, as the truth will set us free.

When The Reality Is Far From Our Expectations

When the reality is far from our expectations, our response to God and men will reflect what we truly hold onto in our Christian walk. If it is the promise of God that we hold on to, regardless of unfulfilled expectations, we will pray that God’s grace and truth work in our hearts until we can again be in partnership with God in the things He has set out to accomplish.

Sin Hurts, Truth Heals

We must realise it is not Truth, but sin that hurts. Men, blinded by sins, cannot be broken and healed unless the Light of Truth opens up their spiritual eyes to see the uncleanliness within.

How To Use Your Feelings For the Lord?

Inherently, we all love to feel good, and there is nothing wrong in wanting so, but what could be really wrong is if we stop testing or doing the will of God when we are feeling otherwise.

To Be Winners of Sinners

The heart of God is for His people to turn to Him. That is the role of His church on earth. How should the church balance God’s love and righteousness; care and correction?

Prone to Stray; God to Save

We are all prone to stray from God. The good news is, the Good Shepherd never gives up on His lost sheep. No matter how lost or weak His sheep is, the Greatest God cares for the least of His sheep.

Redefining Greatness

Even if we are not the ambitious type, we also do not hope to be someone small and who is looked down upon. The question is, is it wrong to desire greatness?

Exercise Your Freedom Wisely

The good news for those who believe in Jesus is, Christ has set us free! Yet, the freedom God gave His children is a ‘limited freedom’..

Back to Reality with Authority

We know that the Lord’s authority has already come upon His people, and the Holy Spirit is with us and can empower us. However, the problem is, we sometimes still fail in our race and battles on earth. What went wrong?

Battling Inferiority, Indifference, Lack of Zeal

Society system seems to sound like laws and institutions. Yet if we inquire further, this system is in fact a godless and man-centric mindset, which very quickly develops into a disbelieving culture.. Such a system hurts the human soul and makes it grow cold.

Now, Choose Life Over Death

It’s either we yield our sovereignty to God (from Gospel we’ve heard), or we remain in sovereignty. Or its either we subconsciously yield our will to obey His revealed will or to turn away from it. Even if we remain indifferent, that is already a choice.

Sufferings in the Presence of a Divine Relationship

The most direct and underlying reason to sufferings is “the sense of abandonment”. We will make sense out of everything except the love of God.