Need resources on connecting children with God and the gospel? We offer kids-friendly and Bible-based materials which you can freely tap on. The children materials are developed by both Pastor Vincent, as well as sister Miki, who has been professionally trained in understanding and engaging children.

Sister Miki Terayama - 5 July 2020

LCM Kids Online: Where Do I Come From?

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LCM Kids Online Lesson 13: Where Do I Come From?

The Big Idea:
 God made me!

LCM Kids Online Lesson 12: Is God Real?

The Big Idea:
 God is real because we can see all of His creation and works.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 11: Stories With Jesus (The Prodigal Son)

The Big Idea: God rejoices when we turn back to Him.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 10: Stories With Jesus (The Three Servants)

The Big Idea: Use whatever we have for the Lord, no matter how small it may be!

LCM Kids Online Lesson 9: Stories With Jesus (The Two Sons)

The Big Idea: God is happy when we have the heart to obey Him, even if we are weak.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 8: Stories with Jesus (The Unforgiving Servant)

The Big Idea: Forgive others, just as Lord Jesus forgave all our sins!

LCM Kids Online Lesson 7: Stories With Jesus! (The Sower and The Seeds)

The Big Idea: I want to be a good soil that takes in God’s word and bear fruits!

LCM Kids Online Lesson 6: My God-Given Family!

The Big Idea: God plans the family we are in that love us and need us. We are gifts to each other from up above!

LCM Kids Online Lesson 5: Me and My Feelings!

The Big Idea: Know your feelings and let the Holy Spirit take charge!

LCM Kids Online Lesson 4: I Can Pray!

The Big Idea: Prayer is the way for me to talk to God and God always hears my prayer!