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Sister Miki Terayama - 13 September 2020

LCM Kids Online: Fruit Of Love

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LCM Kids Online Lesson 23: More Like Jesus (Fruit Of Love)

The Big Idea:
 Jesus teaches us to love God and love people. 

LCM Kids Online Lesson 22: More Like Jesus (Fruits Of The Spirit)

The Big Idea:
 The Fruits Of The Spirit teaches us how to be more like Jesus.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 21: Where I Am

The Big Idea:
 Wherever God has placed us, God is with us.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 20: My Character

The Big Idea:
 Our character can serve God in different ways.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 19: The Way I Look

The Big Idea:
 God made us all beautiful and special, but what He cares about the most, is our heart for Him.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 18: What Is God’s Plan For Me?

The Big Idea:
 God has a special plan for each of us.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 17: What Is Hell?

The Big Idea:
 God loves us and warns us of the dangers of Satan and Hell.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 16: What Is Heaven?

The Big Idea:
 Heaven is a place prepared for God’s children.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 15: How Can I Be Close To God?

The Big Idea:
 I can be close to God by talking more to Him.

LCM Kids Online Lesson 14: God Loves Me?

The Big Idea: 
I know God loves me because He left me love letters in the Bible!