Great victory comes through partnership with God 

Renewing of our minds - the directional change of our lives - start living church centered life
Not we ask for it, but God who prospers us

What is great victory?
--> comes through meticulous following of The Lord 
--> careful obedience (from you meditating on God's words and seeking him) 

Man often focus on the outcomes rather than following God step by step, carefully seeking him in all things 

It is not about praying ritually, mechanically 
Pray knowing what God wants you to pray about, get the heart of Holy Spiri

Sometimes God doesn't solve our problems instantly, put away your idealistic mindset and put your mind onto what God is telling you right now, follow him step by step

Know the will of Lord so that you will be careful in obeying him

God gave us problem so that we can join God in our spirit and walk with him, and overcome the problem 

Joshua 10

Before you partner with God, you ought to see how God is at work (if you don't, you get discouraged at times)

How to see God at work
    (System of faith) 
  1. By His Word (promise of God) - God is with his people who are in Christ Jesus (Jo 1:8)
    • Because he is with you, that is why he made a promise with you first. 
    • Because he is with you, he set you apart 
    • Because he is with you, he gives you careful instruction
    • Because he is with you, when you sin, God disciplines you so thst you repent and make you get rid of sins
    • He is constantly talking to you through his promise (word)
    • Because he is with you, when you are deceived when you are weak, He will turn out things well for the good of yourself 
    • Don't read God's promise with your feelings and your limitations 
    • God is still with you even now, the reason you keep doing the same mistakes again and again is because you don't believe in his promise as absolute truth, thst is why you turn to the world. Now you have known the promise, turn back to Lord from there, HS Will start convicting you and instructing you again.   
    • We are praying to affirm ourselves the promise that has always been true - not to solve problems 
    • Words --> spirit of sonship -- and son listens to the father 
  2. God revering, God-seeking heart 
    • Rend your hearts not garments 
    • Once you turn back to the promise, your heart will change 
    • From where you are, you will want to seek God 
    • Turning of the inclination of your heart after knowing the Emmanuel promise --> you will start hearing the spirit
    • Problem: we lost the God-seeking heart, many just want the problem solving heart 
  3. Character of Genuine Love
    • Sometimes we see undeserving people at work, favour them even though they are unloveable - and you will see God's favour 
    • Have the kingdom mindset 
Partnership with God (in everything you are doing)
  1. Hear God 
    • Though the truth, through your God-seeking heart, through your genuine love for kingdom 
  2. Obey God -- see guidance more and more 
    • Then you will hear again from God
    • Don't stay in comfort zone 
  3. Ask in faith, in accordance to God's will
    • Jn 15:7
    • Lk 17:6 
    • Faith is In accordance to the word and the will of God 
      • Word (promise)
      • Guidance of HS from the word (conviction in your heart)- infinite and subjective 
    • Pray in sync with the guidance of HS
  4. Obedience till the end --> leave no roots of trouble
    • Leave no roots of disbelief - get rid of your enemy 
    • Turn people to The Lord Jesus - is the heart that is at loss (when you are leading SSG) 
True victory in The Lord 
  1. Overcoming the spirit of disbelief, draw people to Christ 
    • We are not counselor, we need to draw people to Christ, for we are fighting satan 
    • Don't just get rid of problems, tell them about Jesus (draw people's heart to God) 
  2. Anchor upon the promise of God
    • Especially in great challenges 
    • God gave us problem for this reason! When you are praying, you are focus in wanting to know what God is teaching you and you humbly follow
    • God is interested in us anchoring upon his promise not our wits
  3. Follow The Lord humbly and carefully 
    • Hold his words in the highest esteem 
    • Win the battle one at a time 
    • So that you can follow God humbly listening to his timely instruction, so that you won't be complacent 
    • There are important lessons to every challenge - receive the conviction from the HS, drive out the things not inline with the truth
  4. Gilgal --> walking with God --> center upon church / brethren
    • Place where they set apart themselves 
    • Walking with God 
    • Enjoy celebration of Gilgal :)