You can lose courage but do not be discouraged, because if God never ceases to exist, hope still exists.~Pastor Vincent~


  • The work of the great commission is such a supernatural mission that involves such great spiritual obstacles. But the realistic problem that we face is sustaining that faith and perspectives, which is so easily overtaken by the World. And t

  • What should be the pulse of the Church? What strengthens the Church and keeps it going indefinitely despite trials, temptations and deceptions? Find out why you should be praying earnestly for your church in these times.

  • The Big Idea:
 Heaven is a place prepared for God’s children.

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We hold English Youth Fellowship (EYF) meeting every Saturday at 5.00 pm, Singapore time (GST +8).

We also hold The Blessed RUN Conferences (Penang in July and USA in November every year).

If you would like to join us real-time in worshipping God and tuning in to the English sermons, you are welcome to tap on our live stream via our YouTube Channel or for China Listeners - Vhall.

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For audiences in China, please use:

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