The Kingdom of God will advance most forcefully towards the end. RUN!~Pastor Vincent~


  • One of the hardest thing when it comes to many of our blessed wishes and prayer topics for 2021 is to sustain our faith, a consistently reliant and submissive heart and mind to God. As we begin this new year, let us grow in our sustenance o

  • While the world puts their hope on science and hope for a better year, believers should be consecrated in their mind, preparing themselves for action. The pandemic may have dashed the hopes of many, but let the Church see this as a window o

  • The world is a battlefield for our spirit and faith living, but if we rest upon a sturdy and unwavered coping mechanism, that is fuelled by the Source of all strength and hope, our Lord Jesus, then we will be able to have a firm standing ag

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We hold English Youth Fellowship (EYF) meeting every Saturday at 5.00 pm, Singapore time (GST +8).

We also hold The Blessed RUN Conferences (Penang in July and USA in November every year).

If you would like to join us real-time in worshipping God and tuning in to the English sermons, you are welcome to tap on our live stream via our YouTube Channel or for China Listeners - Vhall.

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For audiences in China, please use:

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