The spirit of the gospel must be counterintuitive to what the flesh wants to achieve.~Pastor Vincent~


  • Most people view 'uncertainty’ as a bad thing, because people in general do not like ambiguity, but we like to know what to expect, and be in control. When we cannot have control over our lives, we feel frustrated. But instead of giving us

  • While we are embroiled in planning for our future, did we actually plan for eternity? Find out why we are morally liable for the plans we have for ourselves, and how should we really plan our lives as believers of God.

  • Our relationship with our parents is one which cannot be severed, and God values this relationship enough to include it in the Ten Commandments, telling us to honor our father and our mother. The dynamics between us and our parents also cha

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We hold English Youth Fellowship (EYF) meeting every Saturday at 5.00 pm, Singapore time (GST +8).

We also hold The Blessed RUN Conferences (Penang in July and USA in November every year).

If you would like to join us real-time in worshipping God and tuning in to the English sermons, you are welcome to tap on our live stream via our YouTube Channel or for China Listeners - Vhall.

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For audiences in China, please use:

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