Do not let your heart find security with what is easily in sight, but keep seeking the unseen way of the Truth, which is the narrow path of the Cross.~Pastor Vincent~


  • God does not want us to merely pursue an earthly satisfaction, peace, being worry free and care free. He wants us to be build up and strengthened even more with His word. However, the word of God seem to be “leaking” out of our hearts and m

  • We may not be able to see God, but His realness is experienced when we keep in step with His Word and see it working in our lives or those around us. May we test and affirm His working hands everyday so that in the last days, we will become

  • Why was the Passover so important that God even instructed the Israelites to change their annual calendar to mark the Passover month as the first month of their year? And what is so significant about Christ’s blood? Why is it that nothing b

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We hold English Youth Fellowship (EYF) meeting every Saturday at 5.00 pm, Singapore time (GST +8).

We also hold The Blessed RUN Conferences (Penang in July and USA in November every year).

If you would like to join us real-time in worshipping God and tuning in to the English sermons, you are welcome to tap on our live stream via our YouTube Channel or for China Listeners - Vhall.

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For audiences in China, please use:

or for China Listeners - Vhall