While the world suffers the illusive need of superheroes, God sent the only Saviour, His Son.~Pastor Vincent~


  • We all love fairness. If we are victims of wrongdoings, we want fair compensation. Even if we are the ones who did wrong, we do not wish to be "over-punished", but receive a fair judgment. How does the law of God reflect His justice and lov

  • How do Christians survive in a world who live by changing moral values? When the society not only sin, but also permits and redefines sin, how do Christians stand their ground? Find out why the Christian message of truth and grace is the on

  • Human beings are moral agents created to ACT ON what we know to be right and wrong. Thus, learning Christian ethics is not just meant to be informative, rather it carries with it an obligation to act on what we know to be right and wrong.

The Blessed Run (TBR) to become
The Life Church and Missions (LCM)

TBR will officially change its name to “The Life Church and Missions” this November 3rd.

At the general meeting on 17 September 2023, the members of The Blessed Run (TBR) Church voted and passed the resolution to merge with ‘The Life Church and Missions’ (LCM), which is also led by Reverend Vincent Choo. This merger will optimise administrative resources and streamline the collaboration between the two churches. It would also promote greater unity between the English and Chinese congregations.

The TBR Church will become the English congregation of The Life Church Missions (LCM) with effect from 3 November 2023.

As such, here are some changes of URL to all our platforms:
Website: en.lifechurchmissions.com
Facebook: facebook.com/lcm.english
Instagram: @lcm.english