Does sin only lure you to sin? No, it also tries to convince you it's not a sin.~Pastor Vincent~


  • Everyone is looking for a way to balance work and family. Our Christian faith is not an additional demand on our life. Instead, it is the key to unlock the real meaning of work and family that will guide us to make the decisions which will

  • Worship is where we as creatures ascribe to God (the Creator) the praise, honor and glory that is due Him. Yet, are we doing it rightly in terms of praise and worship? Especially with church music being more free and liberal these days, how

  • Everyone is created with a need for love and intimacy, and everyone struggles when they feel lonely and unloved. Thus, everyone is at risk of sexual temptation and sin. That is why God gives us the seventh commandment, to caution us against

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We hold our English Service weekly at every Sunday 4.00 pm, Singapore time (GST +8).

We also hold The Blessed Run Conferences yearly.

If you would like to join us real-time in worshipping God and tuning in to the English sermons, you are welcome to tap on our live stream via our YouTube Channel or for China Listeners - Vhall.

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For audiences in China, please use:

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