Campus Sessions are held in the grounds of National University of Singapore with a group of tertiary students. The messages are suited to youths and the concerns or issues they may face at their phase of life.
It is led by Pastor Vincent, along with Preacher Hui Jun, once a week.


Preacher Huijun - 1 April 2020

Campus Sessions: When Your Greatest Strength Becomes The Greatest Weakness

Usually, we will think that a person’s strengths are to his advantage. But what if they become his stumbling block instead? In fact, one effect of sin is to turn even strength into weakness. Of course, not every strength will become a weakness. However, if we are not careful, there is the potential risk. Particularly, if our strengths cause us not to rely on God, but instead, trust our own ability more, then that is the start of our strength becoming our weakness. Pride is the greatest human weakness. Thus, we have to be careful not to trust our strength more than God.

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